Ballet is an art; it is a classic dance which was developing for centuries. Modern ballet is a mixture of classical, folk and national dances, gymnastics, pantomime and sometimes even acrobatics.

Olympic Stars has structured program of ballet with performances and competitions several times a year. Girls have an opportunity to show their skills and learn how to perform. A methodical approach, which is used in teaching ballet, will help the child to learn own anatomy, to understand where body’s strengths, to develop coordination of movements. Ballerinas are known for their grace and great posture. Grace is not only a feature of the body, but also of personality and behavior. If you want to see your child elegant and graceful, you should introduce them to ballet.

Olympic Stars is a Professional Center of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet for Girls.

It was founded to provide girls with opportunity to practice gymnastics and ballet for general physical development as well as professional development for competing nationally and internationally.

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