Tatiana Yakimova

Tatiana Yakimova is the head coach of Olympic Stars. She has over 16 years of experience as a rhythmic gymnast in Russia. She is a former coach in the Qatar Gymnastics Federation. She is passionate about developing the next generation of rhythmic gymnastics champions in Qatar.

Jade Faulkner

Jade Faulkner, is a rhythmic gymnastics Olympian who represented Great Britain in 2012 Olympic Games in London. She has also represented Great Britain at the Junior and Senior European games, Youth Olympic Festival and the World Championships. Jade has a MSc in Athletic Development and Peak Performance and BSc in Psychology from Plymouth University, UK.

Malena Ivomirova

Ms. Malena Ivomirova, experienced rhythmic gymnastics coach and judge. She holds certification of coaching from Spanish Gymnastics Federation. Also Ms. Malena has a certification of rhythmic gymnastics judge confirmed by Spanish Gymnastics Federation. She has a right to judge according to the rules of International Gymnastics Federation on national and international tournaments. Ms. Malena’s knowledge gives a chance to Olympic Stars, its coaches and gymnasts to comply with the best practice of international gymnastics community. As a judge she will support our gymnasts on competitions of different levels. She loves to work with kids developing the best of themselves. She gives passion and love for sport and everything that it involves.


Olympic Stars is a Professional Center of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet for Girls.

It was founded to provide girls with opportunity to practice gymnastics and ballet for general physical development as well as professional development for competing nationally and internationally.

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