We are always happy to see new girls coming to Olympic Stars. Gymnastics may be helpful in different ways: to become fit and healthy, flexible and graceful. Some gymnasts even want to be professional gymnasts and compete on national and international competition.

To book a free trial class please CONTACT 7066 8493 (PHONE OR WHATSAPP). Also, you can email us at mail info@OlympicStarsDoha.com.

We kindly ask you to follow the rules during the trial class:

1. Parents shall sit in the allocated area. During the trial parent can watch the class.
2. Parent cannot participate in the class and help its child to follow gymnastics instructions.
3. Please do not bring other children (for example, younger siblings) if you think this child may interrupt classes (running around or crying).
4. Parent can not take picture of other children rather than its own. Taking pictures is not allowed if it is not possible without involving other children in the picture. Please be respective to other people privacy.
5. Make sure that your child is healthy to do gymnastics and cardio exercises.

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Olympic Stars is a Professional Center of Rhythmic Gymnastics and Ballet for Girls.

It was founded to provide girls with opportunity to practice gymnastics and ballet for general physical development as well as professional development for competing nationally and internationally.

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